Welcome to Optima Beauty Salon Suites,

Optima Beauty Salon Suites serves a special market with the salon industry, each of our Suites is a self-contained “Mini salon”. Salon owners, our tenants, have the ability to decorate and personalize their Suite to their own taste. They are able to serve their clients on their terms and provide the personalized service that their clients have come to not only appreciate, but expect.

 Beauty professionals have the opportunity to personalize, furnish and decorate the suite with virtually no limitations,

 But most importantly they have the opportunity to manage their business as they choose – be their own boss, set their own hours, sell products of their choice, and keep the profits. Optima Beauty Salon Suites provides the benefits of salon ownership without the related high initial investment and complexities of operating a salon business, allowing beauty professionals to focus on their individual businesses operation the way you like. 

Optima Beauty Salons, California,
598 The Shops at Mission Viejo Mall,
Mission Viejo, CA 92691

Ph: 800 535 4171
Fx: 888 565 7998


Optima Euro Salons,
183 New Kings Road,
England, London SW6 4SQ

Ph: +44 (20) 3900 1111
Fx: +44 (20) 3900 1900

Optima Beauty Salons is a Subsidiary of “MeHr Group of Companies Holding Inc”