Growing your salon business in a rented suite is the art of putting the right strategies behind your everyday routine

How to make your salon business grow with Optima

Are you sure your salon business is still on the growth track? Or is there a chance it will stagnate in the coming months? If you haven’t asked yourself these questions, it’s probably time to reconsider how you manage things.

There’s much more about growing your salon business than doing the perfect cut or nailing manicures (though that helps). It’s about targeted promotions, effective online communication, and a plethora of strategic moves that push your clients to book one appointment after another.

Would you like to know how to take your beauty business from Stage 1 to multiple-figure revenue? Put those scissors away, brew a cup of coffee, and read on.

How to grow salon business in 6 steps

You can’t sit on your laurels after renting a suite. Of course, it may be tempting after years of working as a salon employee and innumerable attempts to prove to yourself that you are good enough to forge your own path.

With all the advantages of a suite rental, success won’t fall from the sky. If you’re clueless about how to grow a salon business after the setup, these 6 strategies can help you turn it into a mighty beauty empire.

Put yourself in the client’s shoes

There are several ways you can do this. First, you can ask people about their preferences for beauty services as they wander near your competitors’ facilities or sit in a chair in your salon. Second, you can conduct online surveys or use paid market research services.

Do they unanimously lean toward exotic hair extensions, pedicure art, or hot stone massages? That’s an insight to act upon to become the only choice for people seeking particular services in that part of the US. Knowing their preferences not only helps you learn how to grow your salon business in a specific state or city but also allows you to tailor your marketing moves to fit the needs of your local area. Case in point: entrepreneurs in West Hollywood may need to adapt differently than those in Laguna Woods.

The demand for haircuts, manicures, and other services can vary even within the same state, to say nothing of the entire country.

Go digital

They say there are no friends in business, but social media is your best buddy for promoting your services through photos and reels. However, Instagram and TikTok aren’t your only digital allies. Enter other solutions, like online booking and automated reminders, to become a tech-savvy salon business owner. These solutions can enable one-click booking and help you stay updated on inquiries.

For example, Optima App acts as a virtual suite that keeps all client, product, payment, and appointment data in one place. It also ensures seamless communication with a property management team when you need help with amenities, paperwork, or emergencies.

Become a sales guru

There are many sales courses for the beauty industry. If you doubt whether you’re a good salesperson, it may be worth signing up for some training at Coursera to learn to sell shampoos, masks, serums, or other beauty essentials that will enhance your clients’ care routines and prolong the salon results.

With Optima, you are free to offer any products and accessories you think are worth your clients’ attention.

For extra profit and recognition, you can educate your clients and fellow beauticians on why these products are the best for their needs or explain their benefits during master classes or regular treatments. People appreciate detailed advice and are more likely to purchase products recommended by experts.

Make your suite stand out

A salon suite is your mini-kingdom, so give it a look that represents you. You can hang some easy add-ons like decorations or lights yourself or hire an interior designer to spruce up your salon professionally. Renting a space with Optima gives you that flexibility.

Decor aside, it pays to make your clients feel special from the moment they walk in. Offer a welcome drink or any other personalized touch. 

You can also set a flexible schedule to accommodate clients before or after traditional working hours. With Optima, no limits are holding you back from distinguishing your space in the competitive beauty field to grow a salon business as opposed to slow-to-adapt businesses.

Introduce deals

Understanding the psychology of deal hunters can help you grow. It feels immensely rewarding for some people to pursue deals and get products or services with an exclusive % off – so rewarding that they are likely to steer clear of salon suites that fail to catch up.

Create special packages for the most popular services at your facility that people can get for less. Come up with discounts, free follow-ups, and unique perks for first-time or repeat visits.

That’s just an example of how you can turn bargain hunters into your most loyal clientele and grow your salon business thanks to the well-developed frugal habits of American consumers. 

Keep things personal

Lavishing attention on your clients by bringing forward promotions and gifts tailored to their interests can go a long way. Sure, getting to know their preferences takes time and effort, but that’s where Optima’s digital solutions can help, too. Our app will remind you of your clients’ frequently booked services and products so that you can better accommodate their future needs. 

If you can’t remember everyone’s favorite nail designs or hair dye shades, write this down in a notebook or keep this in the Notes on your phone. Such a personalized approach can work wonders in building lasting relationships with people and maintaining spectacular growth.

Can you adopt any strategy in an Optima suite?

Yes! Choose any of these 6 strategies or develop your own for growing a salon business. Then, grab our ready-to-use app and put it to the test with:

The final tip is to treat your rented space like your own. Carefulness and professionalism reflect your brand and are positively perceived by all clients.