About This Location

Optima Salon Suites is NOW LEASING in the heart of Anaheim! We are conveniently located off the 5 and 91 freeway on the first floor of a beautiful apartment building. With easy freeway access, plenty of parking, and many studios with exterior windows. We would love to help you achieve your dream of owning your very own salon! We look forward to answering any questions you may have about Optima, as well as scheduling a tour so that you can experience Optima firsthand! Remember, Optima accommodates all Salon Professionals! If you are a Hair Stylist, Cosmetologist, Nail Technician, Eyebrow Specialist or Esthetician – Then Optima is the new home you’ve been dreaming of!

For leasing information, please call for more information.

Break into the industry with your own salon space in Anaheim, CA

Transform your dreams of running a studio suite into your everyday responsibilities with Optima. We are now leasing private and spacious beauty salons in Anaheim, the ideal destination to build your reputation in the industry.

Our luxury single-interior and double-interior suites are located on the corner of Anaheim Blvd and Lincoln Avenue minutes from the famous Anaheim Packing House. Whether you are an independent beauty professional or looking to make a switch into the beauty industry, you’ve come to the right place for the best salon rental terms in Orange County.

We make salon ownership feasible and affordable for you.

Enjoy our expert guidance on leasing a studio with the least hassle!

Why lease a salon suite in Anaheim, CA?

Starting a business in a thriving city like Anaheim is a smart move partly because Southern California is experiencing the most impressive surge in popularity. Millions of people flock to this area annually, and – who knows – they may be your clients soon. These people have dollars burning a hole in their pockets, as proven by a total spending of almost $16 billion in Orange County in 2022.

Renting a salon space in Anaheim, CA, can turn your services into a nice ‘me-time’ activity for all types of locals. Based on the first floor and boasting ample parking space, your parlor may attract:

  • Residents
  • OC tourists
  • Those seeking entertainment or pleasurable activities

Optima’s salon rentals in Anaheim, CA, will get you started in the city’s best location, with Pearson Park within walking distance and just a five-minute drive to the Disneyland Resort. The theme park draws in thousands of visitors per day, taking the number of your potential clients to new heights.

A foolproof opportunity to nurture your brand

Working independently in your own salon suite may sound enticing enough, but it isn’t the only benefit of leasing an Optima studio. We will have your back for various facility management, preparation, and marketing processes once you sign the rental agreement.

Let us do the paperwork

Run your parlor without tons of paperwork to handle on your own. At Optima Salon Suites, we are no strangers to tackling bureaucratic procedures while you are busy in your new beauty salon in Anaheim. We have experience dealing with local insurance companies and tax authorities, so obtaining the necessary papers for our lessees is no challenge.

Build your social media image

Set your facility up for success before the grand opening with the power of social media. Your space will become visible to your clientele on our Instagram and Facebook pages, followed by thousands of Anaheim residents and visitors. As soon as we agree on the rental terms, we will start promoting your business through our platforms, as well as the Optima app.

Spruce up your workspace

Renting one of our fully-equipped beauty salons in Anaheim doesn’t mean you are limited in your interior design ideas and aspirations. Modify the studio to your liking and furnish it as the go-to place to receive hair, nail, and body services. Adding a personal touch to your interior is an excellent way to distinguish your workspace and showcase your unique treatments.

Keep what you earn

Optima never claims a portion of your revenue or any additional fees. When you lease a beauty salon in Anaheim, you are only obliged to pay a fixed weekly rent. It will never shoot up just because you’re raking in retail sales or having more service appointments than other tenants or locations.

Tailor your schedule and services

Tired of working as many hours as your boss brusquely demands? There are no minimum hour requirements in your suite. Easily adjust your schedule to the number of appointments per day and provide services that speak to you and your clientele. Would you like to focus solely on hair styling? Maybe massage therapy and waxing? Be your own boss and work the way you want and when you want.

Anaheim suites await new tenants

You no longer have to fork out millions of dollars or apply for financing to buy a facility and turn it into your business. If you are looking for salon suites for rent, our prices in Anaheim, CA, will please you. Our rental fees start from $295 per week only. Please note that the size of the studio and individual preferences may affect the weekly rent.

No matter which lease plan you choose for your beauty facility, it will come fully furnished with all the essentials:

  • Modern furniture and fixtures
  • Unlimited Wi-Fi and utilities
  • Large mirrors and studio-grade illumination
  • Single or double windows
  • Secure space with lockable doors and keyless entry.

Curious about our salon rentals in Anaheim, CA? Optima is here to answer all your questions and arrange a personalized tour to our Anaheim Blvd facilities. We’ll show you all the available suites and advice on the best fit for your services, considering the potential flow of customers and your budget.

Prices for This Location

Single Interior - Starting from $295/week

Double Interior - Starting from $495/week

Single Window - Starting from $375/week

Double Window - Starting from $599/week

Studio Amenities

Fully enclosed, private, locking studio

High-end styling chair and shampoo bowl

Full-spectrum lighting and oversize mirrors

Luxurious cabinets and fixtures

Individual ventilation in each studio

Instant and abundant hot water supply

Onsite laundry and shared amenities

All utilities and Wi-Fi included

Salon Professional Benefits

Keep 100% of your profits

Access group insurance

Escape salon politics and drama

Manage your own schedule

Personalize your salon space

Set pricing for services and products

Sell the retail products you love

Play your own music

Enjoy private conversations

Lease at Anaheim – Anaheim Blvd

To request leasing information, call us at 949-339-3735 or fill out the form below and we’ll contact you.