About This Location

Optima Salon Suites is NOW LEASING in Carson on Carson St! We are conveniently located off the 110 freeway on the first floor of a brand new apartment building near tons of restaurants . With easy freeway access, plenty of parking, and many studios with exterior windows. We would love to help you achieve your dream of owning your very own salon! We look forward to answering any questions you may have about Optima, as well as scheduling a tour so that you can experience Optima firsthand! Remember, Optima accommodates all Salon Professionals! If you are a Hair Stylist, Cosmetologist, Nail Technician, Eyebrow Specialist or Esthetician – Then Optima is the new home you’ve been dreaming of!

For leasing information, please call for more information.

Start your own business in a fully furnished salon in Carson

It’s time to listen to your gut and let your passion guide you to launching a business in the heart of Carson. Optima is now renting out salons in Carson City, California, under the most flexible conditions on the local market. These include the lease terms of your choice and rental fees that support your undertaking.

Whether you specialize in hair care, spa services, or PMU, our single and double salons are for you. They are move-in ready and designed to leave lasting impressions on whoever drops by your space.

Benefits of renting a salon in Carson

While you can undoubtedly call working in your own space amid a growing clientele and full freedom the benefit of leasing Optima’s rooms, this merely scratches the surface. There’s so much more you can avail yourself of when establishing your business presence in the area.

The buzzing location

Carson is a coveted location for hairstylists, estheticians, brow artists, and other professionals in the South Bay region. Renting a beauty salon suite in Carson, CA, is a win-win way to cater to both the local community and those traveling through the area. The city is conveniently situated between the largest airport on the West Coast and the bustling Long Beach, making Carson an ideal in-between place to start a business.

The relatively low presence of competitors in the area gives you a chance to expand your clientele without anyone throwing a wrench. Plus, our salons are teeming with visibility-increasing exterior elements. Their windows face Carson Street and Figueroa Street, the two busiest city roads, so your studio is right in the epicenter.

Transparent rental prices and terms

A salon location would be worth nothing for professionals if it cost a fortune. That’s why we make rentals for Carson salon suites reasonable for our tenants, regardless of occupation. You don’t want to lease a space rife with fees you wouldn’t even think of at the negotiating table. Well, you can forget about that!

Flexible lease terms with the possibility of extension are available, too. As a budding entrepreneur, you can set the ball rolling with a 6-month or 1-year lease and extend it as your studio proves to be incredibly profitable. But if you choose a longer-term lease on a beauty salon suite in Carson, CA, you can save straight away. We offer discounted rates for tenants who are in for a marathon with Optima instead of a sprint.

To start it on a high note, you can lease a single-interior or double-interior salon. A smaller, bare-bones room will cost you $295 per week without commissions to pay Optima. The prices for other studios depend on the size, windows, amenities, and furniture included.

Paperwork assistance

The tentacles of paperwork can be suffocating for beauty businesses. Before you finally move into your own salon in Carson, CA, you have to figure out all that licensing and insurance stuff and fulfill many other bureaucratic obligations.

However, these requirements shouldn’t keep your success from coming with a bang. At Optima, we assist our tenants with obtaining the necessary documents based on their specializations. Recognizing the specific criteria associated with services like PMU or facials, we can help you promote and perform beauty procedures while staying within the bounds of the law.

Everything you need to make people more beautiful

Step into a fully equipped salon in Carson, CA, where everything has already been prepared for hairdressers, estheticians, and beauty experts. State-of-the-art washers, dryers, cabinets, mirrors, and chairs await you. And if you prefer to bring your own tools and devices, you’re more than welcome!

With comfy furniture, high-speed Wi-Fi, and unlimited utilities, your transition into an Optima space will be seamless. Nurture your business in a salon where everything is provided for a smooth entrepreneurship start in Carson.

Creative and pragmatic freedom

Don’t settle for what doesn’t work for your brand. At your salon, you can decorate everything you see until the room transforms into a stylish and cozy place you and your clients want to go back to.

Our salon suites in Carson are private rooms that only you can access. Feel free to infuse one with music, greenery, and any decorative elements you think will make your brand stand out. 

When you choose to rent it, you also gain full control over the crucial aspects of your business, including schedules, days off, and pricing. Style curls, paint nails, and sell beauty products without limitations, and keep 100% of what you’re raking in within the salon walls!

Optima’s salon suites in Carson open their doors to new lessees

Renting a beauty facility with Optima is synonymous with independence. Unlike other lessors, we will never dictate how and when you must provide your services and treatments. You are the creator of your recognition and reputation in the industry. What we do is only set the foundation to enable you to reach your goals. Plus, we will always lend you a hand with documentation, lease extensions, and social media presence.

If the idea of renting Carson salon suites has caught your attention, request more information by phone or in person. Contact us to go over rental terms and financial details to embark on the smoothest journey toward your business!

Prices for This Location

Single Interior - Starting from $295/week

Double Interior - Starting from $399/week

Single Window - Starting from $375/week

Double Window - Starting from $600/week

Studio Amenities

Fully enclosed, private, locking studio

High-end styling chair and shampoo bowl

Full-spectrum lighting and oversize mirrors

Luxurious cabinets and fixtures

Individual ventilation in each studio

Instant and abundant hot water supply

Onsite laundry and shared amenities

All utilities and Wi-Fi included

Salon Professional Benefits

Keep 100% of your profits

Access group insurance

Escape salon politics and drama

Manage your own schedule

Personalize your salon space

Set pricing for services and products

Sell the retail products you love

Play your own music

Enjoy private conversations

Lease at Carson – Carson St

To request leasing information, call us at 949-339-3735 or fill out the form below and we’ll contact you.