About This Location

Optima Salon Suites is NOW LEASING in Corona Del Mar! We are conveniently located in Newport Beach next to amazing restaurants and boutiques that you and your customers will love. With easy freeway and toll road access, ample street and structure parking for you and your customers, and many studios with exterior windows, this will be a great location to get your business off the floor.

We would love to help you achieve your dream of owning your very own salon! We look forward to answering any questions you may have about Optima, as well as scheduling a tour so that you can experience Optima firsthand! Remember, Optima accommodates all Salon Professionals! If you’re a Hairstylist, Cosmetologist, Nail Technician, Eyebrow Specialist or Esthetician – Then Optima is the new home you’ve been dreaming of!

For leasing information, please call for more information.

Salons & suites in Corona del Mar, CA

Are you tired of putting up with your boss, working in an uninspiring setting, and performing salon services that suppress your potential? You can now forge your own path and make the grade by renting Optima’s salon suites in Corona del Mar. Unlock the door to your exclusive studio as the sun casts a golden glow over its facade and the Pacific invites swarms of beach-goers to visit this neighborhood in Newport Beach.

Corona del Mar is a dream-come-true location to launch your own salon business. It’s brimming with restaurants, boutiques, and beaches, making CdM the place of choice for people with high spending power. The neighborhood’s reputation as a seaside resort adds a layer of allure to your studio. The opulence and relaxation associated with Corona del Mar translate to increased demand and higher profitability for your indulgent and rejuvenating treatments.

Rent one of our salon suites in del Mar, CA, to enjoy the perfect blend of upscale ambiance in the neighborhood, professional infrastructure, and business freedom. What more could you ask for?

Ready, set, go

We’ve set it up to make sure the heart of your business beats with passion and ambition. Even though our salon suites in del Mar, CA, are move-in ready, you can add any interior design touch before the opening day. Feel free to bring your long-nurtured decor ideas to life, buy new furniture, or experiment with textures and patterns until your space looks grandiose.

Can’t wait to get it up and running? All Optima’s suite rentals in CdM are upscale from the get-go and can be opened from day one. Make no mistake: they will reflect your standards of running a business.

Whether you choose to spruce up your salon’s interior or hang the “Open” door sign without further ado, you’re in for a treat:

  • Unlimited entrepreneurial freedom. You don’t have to dance to someone else’s tune. Your rental suite is your business, and it comes with 100% flexibility for working hours, services offered, pricing, marketing, and ways of communicating with clients.
  • Comfort for everyone. The rental fee for our salon suites in Corona del Mar, CA, includes a hot water supply, Wi-Fi, and other utilities and amenities. Run your business without common inconveniences.
  • 24/7 access. You are not renting a booth to share with other tenants and are not required to align your schedule with property owners. You’re leasing a studio that can be accessed whenever you need – no exceptions.
  • Optima App. Phone bookings are a relic of the past. Your clients will adore the opportunity to schedule appointments at your CdM studio via Optima App. And you’ll love how easy it is to manage visits and accept payments within the same app.

We put a premium on independence with our studio salon suites in Corona del Mar. Every management decision is yours to make, as we only provide you with the framework to launch your business.

Single and double studios for professionals

Optima’s salon suites in Corona del Mar are artfully designed to accommodate an array of professional needs. Whether you’re a lone visionary or part of a duo, you’ll have the right room to lease:

  • Single-interior (90-120 square feet). Ideal for solo professionals, our single spaces are cozy, private settings for personalized services. They are unmatched for hairstylists, hairdressers, barbers, lash techs, and PMU artists.
  • Double-interior (150-250 square feet). Perfect for individuals looking for extra room or two professionals venturing together, our double suites amplify collaborative opportunities for estheticians, massage therapists, body sculptors, and more.
  • Single-window. Bathe your services in a moderate amount of natural light while accentuating your studio’s vibe. There are more than 270 sunny days in CdM every year, so why not turn this glorious weather to your business advantage?
  • Double-window. Combining the allure of natural lighting with ample space is a win-win. Our double-window suites are guaranteed to appeal to all clients, whether they come for a massage session or a manicure.

Our salon suites in Corona del Mar, CA, are fully equipped and ready for you to perform your first beauty treatment. If you’re on the fence about the size of the studio to rent, come to see both options. We’ll show you around whenever it works best for you.

Footing the bill

Launching a salon business with Optima is not a $100,000 investment. You can get started as long as you can cover the weekly rent for the CdM location and basic expenses for a business license, insurance, and supplies. This may set you back a few thousand dollars in setup costs, depending on the services you offer and the interior transformations you consider.

The costs of studio equipment and furnishings are on us. What’s more, if any maintenance issues arise at your salon during a lease agreement, we’ll foot the bill. You don’t have to draw from your business’ emergency fund for cleanings or repairs.

6-month and 12-month leases

Is it your first business? Get a feel for it by signing a 6-month lease on one of our studio salon suites in Corona del Mar. Are you pretty sure your space will go gangbusters? Opt for one-year or more extended leases at discounted rental rates. Our terms can match all professional ambitions.

Prices for This Location

Single Interior - CALL FOR MORE INFO

Double Interior - CALL FOR MORE INFO

Single Window - CALL FOR MORE INFO

Double Window - CALL FOR MORE INFO

Studio Amenities

Fully enclosed, private, locking studio

High-end styling chair and shampoo bowl

Full-spectrum lighting and oversize mirrors

Luxurious cabinets and fixtures

Individual ventilation in each studio

Instant and abundant hot water supply

Onsite laundry and shared amenities

All utilities and Wi-Fi included

Salon Professional Benefits

Keep 100% of your profits

Access group insurance

Escape salon politics and drama

Manage your own schedule

Personalize your salon space

Set pricing for services and products

Sell the retail products you love

Play your own music

Enjoy private conversations

Lease at Corona Del Mar

To request leasing information, call us at 949-339-3735 or fill out the form below and we’ll contact you.