About This Location

Optima Salon Suites is NOW LEASING in Upland! We are conveniently located off the 10 freeway at the South Mountain Ave. exit, located on street level next to CVS. With easy freeway access, plenty of parking, and many studios with exterior windows.

We would love to help you achieve your dream of owning your very own salon! We look forward to answering any questions you may have about Optima, as well as scheduling a tour so that you can experience Optima firsthand! Remember, Optima accommodates all Salon Professionals! If you are a Hair Stylist, Cosmetologist, Nail Technician, Eyebrow Specialist or Esthetician – Then Optima is the new home you’ve been dreaming of!

For leasing information, please call for more information.

Lease a move-in ready salon suite in Upland, CA

It’s only natural that you crave the freedom to make the most of your talents without a boss peering over your shoulder. That’s what Optima salon suites in Upland are for! They are available for lease, so you can get free from all the fetters of renting a chair and put your business in the spotlight.

Never again make excuses for how you talk to clients. Take extra time perfecting a new makeup technique or trying out innovative esthetic products. Stay late or close your studio at 2 pm.

Our suites turn you into the one who calls the shots!

Studio salons for rent in Upland to attract new clients

Our suites are situated in an ideal spot to bring you more clients. Whether they are coming from Upland, Ontario, Montclair, or beyond California, this location is convenient to reach from all directions. And because there are abundant parking facilities right outside the front door, their pampering experience starts when they arrive.

Your business on display

Optima salon suites in Upland are highly visible. When someone strolls down the street, they can instantly get a glimpse of your stylish space and pop in to inquire about your services. And if they travel by car, they can notice your prominent signage, building curiosity about what happens behind your doors.

In the heart of the action

Launching a studio on South Mountain Ave in Upland is a fantastic business decision. There’s so much you can do to set your clients in full relaxation mode. They may start their morning with a rejuvenating facial or a massage at your studio, continue their day at one of the nearby restaurants, and finish it by trying on the latest fashion picks at the shops across the street. What feels like bliss is always beneficial for your business.

Choose from single or double studios for rent in Upland

Walk into your own private studio, decorated just as you like and flaunting your name on the door. You can select from:

  • Single-interior studios. These private spaces pave the way for you to focus on services and treatments without distractions. They are best for one professional.
  • Double-interior studios. These are spacious alternatives for partners or small teams. Showcase your skills and collaborate with colleagues several steps away in the adjoining room.
  • Single-window studios. Display your business name and brand. Large windows give your salon an airy feel and attract curious passers-by eager to discover the talents within.
  • Double-window studios. These are the largest spaces available for lease in this location. They create a sun-drenched work environment for you and other specialists.

Whatever you opt for, our beauty studio suites in Upland give you the visibility to attract new clients and allow you to expand your business. Surrounded by beauty professionals in other suites, you can connect for networking, collaborations, and support. This location is packed with opportunities for cross-promotion and education.

What comes with Optima salon suites in Upland, CA

Our amenities will make your work life breezy, productive, and comfortable. When you lease a studio in Upland, you get a taste of the good life and features usually reserved only for high-end salon owners.

Gorgeous styling chairs

Say goodbye to back pain caused by hunching over your clients sitting in cheap chairs. Our styling chairs are ergonomically designed for all-day comfort. Fully adjustable, they allow you to position clients at the perfect height and angle for cutting, coloring, blowouts, and other services. They make everyone feel pampered from the moment they sit down.

Abundant storage

Because each room is loaded with spacious and sleek cabinets and drawers, you don’t have to bother with add-on organizers for tools, products, and personal items. The extra storage in our studios for rent in Upland means you can easily keep everything in order. No more tripping over clutter or searching for misplaced brow pencils.

Large shampoo bowls

The days of wet floors are gone. Our deep shampoo bowls give you plenty of space to move around clients and provide relaxing scalp massages. They are made of top-notch materials for effortless cleaning and feature well-thought-out neck rests for comfort. Besides, you can access hot water on a whim to perform your services without waiting.

Climate control and ventilation

Keep your room air clean and fresh and maintain the perfect temperature for you and your clients with individual thermostats in all our beauty studio suites in Upland. Whether you prefer it to be icy or warm, you can control the climate in a cinch. Put an end to fighting over the remote or sweltering in a stuffy, smelly workspace.

Every cent made is every cent earned

Growing your business is impossible without investing in improving your skills, stocking up on more advanced supplies, or running marketing campaigns. With Optima, you keep all the money from your services and retail sales. You don’t have to split profits or pay steep fees anymore. You set your rates and keep the dollars you earn, which you can then invest in upskilling or promotional endeavors.

We don’t just believe you can achieve independence and creative freedom with Optima salon suites in Upland, CA. We can help you realize your dream in its entirety. Contact us to ask about available move-in rooms and schedule a tour.

Prices for This Location

Single Interior - Starting from $249/w

Double Interior - Starting from $349/w

Single Window - Starting from $349/w

Double Window - Starting from $449/w

Studio Amenities

Fully enclosed, private, locking studio

High-end styling chair and shampoo bowl

Full-spectrum lighting and oversize mirrors

Luxurious cabinets and fixtures

Individual ventilation in each studio

Instant and abundant hot water supply

Onsite laundry and shared amenities

All utilities and Wi-Fi included

Salon Professional Benefits

Keep 100% of your profits

Access group insurance

Escape salon politics and drama

Manage your own schedule

Personalize your salon space

Set pricing for services and products

Sell the retail products you love

Play your own music

Enjoy private conversations

Lease at Upland

To request leasing information, call us at 909-222-6151 or fill out the form below and we’ll contact you.