Making The Switch To A Salon Suite

Are you an independent beauty professional looking to move your business into a private salon suite of your own? This post will give your greater insight on the freedom and control that comes with making the switch to an independent salon owner.

At Optima Salon Suites, we provide the framework and structure you need to help launch your business while you concentrate on growing your client base, network, skills, and income all in an upscale community, professional setting. Being an independent salon owner will allow you to escape salon drama and politics, set your own pricing for services and products, manage your own schedule with 24/7 studio access, enjoy an intimate setting and give your clients a true one-on-one experience. Personalize your salon suite, your way! Sell the retail products that you love, and manage costs with a variety of amenities included!

As most beauticians know, this is an independent salon owners dream. Most of the above is restricted when working in a traditional salon and is set by the lead stylist/owner of the salon. When you own your own salon suite you have total freedom and control when it comes to running your business.